Health risks of toning shoes

When toning shoes came out I ignored the ads, because personally I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those ugly shoes. But that’s just my opinion. Several women have invested into the shoes to get in better shape, which is admirable. The shoes claim to tone the butt and legs and reduce cellulite. As well as, help activate muscles and reduce back stress.

My mother-in-law, Lee Ann started wearing Shape-ups several months ago. She was really excited about the shoes and bragged about the potential benefits. After a few weeks she started complaining about back and knee pain. After a few months I finally made the connection. It must be the Shape-ups!

It’s ironic that she purchased the shoes to lose weight and got the opposite effect. She’s been so sore from wearing the shoes that she walks less and has gained weight.

According to a recent study, walking heel to toe is generally not good for us, because of the impact concentrated on the heel. Dr. Long Le with Midwest Foot & Ankle Specialists says “the shoes create a rocking motion that isn’t natural.” Many women complained of walking almost bowlegged after wearing the shoes for a few weeks. They found it challenging to walk normal once they removed their toning shoes.

Reebok agrees to a $25 million settlement in refunds for “toning shoes” (Sept. 29 2011)

Reebok International Ltd. came to an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission over what the government said were “over-hyped advertising claims” by Reebok that a pair of its specialty shoes could tone leg and butt muscles better than regular shoes.

One TV ad, cited by the FTC, claimed that Reebok’s EasyTone shoes tone “your butt up to 28 percent more than regular sneakers, just by walking.” That’s crazy!

If you purchased EasyTone shoes and would like a refund, click here.

Health risks

To date, there have been 38 complaints filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Here are some of the issues women had after wearing toning shoes for several weeks:

  • Broken ankle, leg and fibula
  • Severe back, hip, knee and joint pain
  • Patellar tendinitis in knees
  • Twisted ankle
  • Fractured cuboid bone (in foot)
  • Back spasms
  • Damaged meniscus
  • Stress fracture to metatarsal
  • Bruised toes
  • Ruptured veins in ankle causing swelling and burning pain
  • Planter fasciitis and tendonitis in feet
  • If you’d like to view the complete list of complaints or add a complaint of your own, click here.

There are people who swear to the benefits of toning shoes. I don’t deny that these shoes are benefiting their health. However, I don’t think they are worth the risks mentioned above. Lee Ann stopped wearing her Shape-up shoes three days ago and is experiencing 20% less pain. I hope she is pain-free by the end of this weekend.

If you know anyone who wears toning shoes, please send them this article.

Final thoughts

Let’s stop looking for a quick fix, because there isn’t one. Good diet + regular exercise + good sleep = a well balanced body. I buy my running shoes from Running for Kicks, where they custom fit me for the perfect shoe. They assess how I wore my last pair of shoes, watch me run in them and then look at my feet. This will be the fourth year in a row buying my shoes from Running for Kicks. My hubby just bought me a new pair for my birthday. I can’t wait to run in them!

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