Plan for a stellar 2014…

Jessica Zirbes2013 was LIFE CHANGING for my family! We bought a new home, completely gutted it, made it beautiful, moved and then had our first baby two weeks after we moved. It was a roller-coaster ride of emotions, mostly good memories and many relationship building moments that have made us stronger. Poor Ryan he’d work a 10 – 16 hour day on the road, go to the new house to work, drive 45 minutes back to our old condo and come home to me freaking out worried we wouldn’t move in before I went into labor.

Fast forward about 10 months…I’m sitting in our new living room smiling, taking a deep thankful breath acknowledging that all the work, tears, and fights were worth it to provide us with a better home. As I slowly let go of the breath I look forward to 2014 being a year of breakthrough. Whether that means breaking our own mental barriers or those that others have placed in front of us. 2014 will be a year of no more limitations!

I enjoy setting goals for myself every year, but usually focus on working on 1-2 most needed area. The easiest way to find out what you need to work on is to answer this one question…

What frustrates you every day? For me it’s my inability to communicate at the level I desire.

Night reading

Last year at this time when a friend would ask me: “What books are you reading?” I would respond with at least three titles, usually a business or marketing book, a spiritual book and perhaps a biography or marriage book. My mood determined the book I picked up.

Lately I’ve been consumed with parenting books, which does help me become a better mom. You see I desire to have a bigger vocabulary, especially since I’m a Communications Manager at work and will soon take a new position that will stretch my communication skills. With life being so full I got into the habit of communicating bambooas quickly and easily as I could, which hurt both my vocabulary and communication abilities.

I made a profession to Ryan a few nights ago that since Lucie is sleeping through the night now I’ll begin reading in bed before I go to sleep. His response was funny, almost defensive, but then I explained that I wanted his support and accountability to get back on track.

For Christmas Ryan gave me a beautiful bamboo laptop tray table so that I can comfortably read, sip my tea and write in bed. Now I’m excited about my new habit!

What new habit will you begin in January?

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